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  • 100% natural herbo-mineral, non-iron preparation, free from elemental iron
  • Enhances absorption of iron, suitable for all age groups
  • Keeps body healthy and fit, reduces oxidative stress

NUMAX is a 100% natural herbo-mineral non-iron containing preparation. It is free from elemental iron and enhances absorption of iron, thereby counteracting nutritional anemia. Numax contains medicinal herbs and minerals which are restorative and rejuvenative in nature and are used as a tonic for keeping the body healthy and fit.

NUMAX is a Supplement for Anemia, Increases Hemoglobin and RBC:
·       100% Natural Herbo-Mineral

·       Non-Iron Preparation

·       Free from Elemental Iron

·       Enhances Absorption of Iron

·       Keeps Body Healthy and Fit

·       Reduces Oxidative Stress

Numax is suitable for consumption by people of all age groups.

Each capsule of Numax contains medicinal herbs such as Bans Lochan, Ginger, Green Cardamon, Marich, Choti Peepal, Dhatura Beej, Dalchini, Nagkesar and Tejpatta along with minerals such as the bhasmas of silver, copper, gold and heavy metals like sulphur and cinnabar. Marich and Choti Peepal contain iron so they are traditionally used in the treatment of anemia. Dhatura beej and Nagkesar increase level of hemoglobin in blood. Ginger, Green Cardamom and Choti Peepal contain ascorbic acid, reducing sugars and amino acids which help in absorption of iron. Mishri improves iron bioavailability as it is able to chelate inorganic iron and form stable, low molecular weight soluble complexes. These sugar-iron complexes are readily absorbed across the intestinal mucos. Dalchini and Tejpatta are also traditionally used in treatment of anemia.

When Numax is taken daily for 30 days it increases the Haemoglobin concentration thus proving its role in iron absorption. When it is taken daily for 90 days it not only improves the Haemoglobin concentration but sustains the same for next 180 days. Though Numax also contains some heavy metals, however, no adverse effects were observed during the study. To remove the toxic qualities of the metals, the preparation undergoes various processes of purification (Shodhana, Marana, and Samskara). The metal content of the medicine is burnt several times at a high temperature. This repeated cycle of burning and cooling for several times transforms the initial contents into a non-toxic therapeutic form.

CLINICAL STUDY: A study on 1646 school going children in India concluded that the non-iron ayurvedic preparation NUMAX can be used to improve the nutritional anemia status, without any side effects.

Scientifically manufactured, Clinically proven:
This product is developed and manufactured by Vaidya Balendu Prakash, Padma Shri, Hony. Physician to the ex-President of India. It has been manufactured at his plant in Uttarakhand through a standardized and controlled process for consistent efficacy. The ingredients are cyclically heated and cooled 60-80 times through modern technology to mimic exact temperature conditions, which result in finally obtaining NANONIZED particles after processing each batch for upto 8 months. The particle size is controlled and measured using modern techniques and equipment such as Electron microscope and X-ray diffraction.

Indications: Increases hemoglobin and counteracts anemia.

Dosage: One capsule daily before meal, or as recommended by healthcare professional.

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