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  • Keeps you energetic all day long, enhances physiological endurance
  • Nanonized iron in Ayas helps fight fatigue
  • Improves cognitive performance

AYAS is a 100% natural formulation which helps you stay energetic all day long. Nanonized iron present in Ayas helps fights fatigue, enhances physiological endurance and improves cognitive performance.

Ayas improves vitality and removes fatigue, by cleansing the blood, clearing micro-channels of the body and helps recharge lost energy. It increases succinate dehydrogenase in the brain which is responsible for utilization and conservation of energy in the cellular system.

Benefits of AYAS:
·       For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

·       Keeps you Energetic all day

·       Nanonized Iron in Ayas helps Fight Fatigue

·       Improves Cognitive Performance

·       Enhances Endurance, Strength & Stamina

·       Strengthens Immunity

In case of anemia, AYASTM can be taken in combination with NUMAXTM, for better results.

Each capsule of Ayas contains unadulterated and authentic concentrates of Loh Bhasma, Haritaki, Bibhitaki and Amalaki.

•         Loh Bhasma: Reverses iron deficiency responsible for fatigue

•         Amalaki : Helps re-energise and removes fatigue

•         Bibhitaki: Excellent brain tonic

•         Haritaki: Helps utilization of energy in the cellular system

Scientifically manufactured, Clinically proven:
This product is developed and manufactured by Vaid Balendu Prakash, Padma Shri, Hony. Physician to the ex-President of India. It has been manufactured at his plant in Uttarakhand through a standardized and controlled process for consistent efficacy. The ingredients are cyclically heated and cooled 60-80 times through modern technology to mimic exact temperature conditions, which result in finally obtaining NANONIZED particles after processing each batch for upto 8 months. The particle size is controlled and measured using modern techniques and equipment such as Electron microscope and X-ray diffraction.

Helps fight chronic fatigue syndrome

For adult men and women. One capsule twice a day, after meals or as recommended by healthcare professional.

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