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ZEROVA is a well-balanced dual action weight loss formula which helps in managing appetite and burning fat. It also boosts metabolism and digestion. Zerova is rich in antioxidants which prohibit and in some cases even prevent the oxidation of other molecules in the body. Antioxidants present in Zerova also help improve your skin tone for a glowing look.

Zerova contains extracts of Garcinia Cambogia and Green Tea. HCA present in Garcinia Cambogia blocks the formation of new fat cells and helps control appetite. EGCG, a health-boosting antioxidant in Green tea has immense weight-loss and other health benefits.

Zerova is rich in antioxidants which help scavenge free radicals and improve skin tone.

Key Ingredients:
Each capsule of Zerova contains unadulterated and authentic extracts of Garcinia Cambogia and Green Tea.
  • Garcinia Cambogia: Blocks formation of new fat cells, helps control appetite
  • Green Tea: Antioxidant action, burns fat, boosts energy

Dosage: For adults, 1 (one) capsule 3 (three) times a day, preferably before meals, or as recommended by the physician. 
For best results, light to moderate exercise recommended. Avoid fatty or fried or sugar rich food. 

Side Effects: This product is not known to cause any side effects or adverse reactions.

Contraindications: For adult use only. Do not consume this product if you are pregnant or nursing.

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