LEG TRACTION BRACE 0704 (Extra Large)

LEG TRACTION BRACE 0704 (Extra Large)
LEG TRACTION BRACE 0704 (Extra Large)
LEG TRACTION BRACE 0704 (Extra Large)
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Measured length of brace.
Traction to relieve pain in the low back when pelvic traction is not possible/not desired.
Traction to relieve hip/sacral pain.

Made of high quality foam fused fabric, which provides comfort and uniform skin traction.
Four sets of velcr~and buckle closures with reverse lock mechanism ensure a good fit.
Heavy-duty straps with detachable metal rings enable easy attachment t~the traction system.

Wearing Instructions:
The inside top edge of the brace is indicated by the 'Inside Up' label.
Accordingly, wrap the brace below the knee. Use the velcro and buckle closure to fit the brace comfortably on the patient.
Re-adjustment of the brace may be required to center the traction belt strap (1 inch width), along the line of leg.
Traction Kit with weight bag is available separately.

Injuries & Disorders:
Skin traction to reduce hip and sacral pain
Hip / Sacral Pain

Product Care:
Hand wash using cold water and mild soap.
Air dry in shade.
Do not brush hard.
Do not squeeze.
No machine wash.

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