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When repetitive thoughts prevent you from sleeping... ...Herborest helps
Herbal-remedies-for-sleeplessness-with Herborest
  • Herborest is a unique herbal remedy for sleep disorders and anxiety
  • Promotes Sleep Promotes synthesis and secretion of melatonin for natural sleep
  • Calms your Mind Treats irritability and nervousness
  • Rejuvenative and Nervine properties Helps mind and body to relax

What causes Sleep Disorders?

Psychological conditions: Some emotional as well as psychological problems may trigger sleeplessness. E.g. stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, bipolar disorders or disruption in circadian rhythm cycle.
Medical conditions: Conditions like asthma, hyperthyroidism, arthritis, stroke, kidney disease, or cancer may cause sleep disorders.
Medications: Many prescribed medicines are known to cause interference with sleep in one or more ways. The most common among them are medicines for cold & flu. Also few pain relievers containing caffeine may disrupt the sleep pattern. Other medicines like contraceptives, anti-depressants and stimulants can also cause sleeplessness.
Other factors: Late night partying, noisy sleep environment, alcohol intake before bed time, late night TV shows, jet lag and irregular sleep patterns are few routines that may contribute to sleeplessness or insomnia.

Benefits of Herborest

Promote Natural Sleep

Herborest contains vital herbs that are proven to calm mind and helps you gain restful sleep

Improves quality of sleep

Herborest helps improve sleep cycle and induces deep sleep so that you wake up fresh

Non-addictive no hangover effect

Herborest contains natural ingredients that are non-addictive and does not cause hangover or drowsiness.


For adults only. One to two capsules daily at bed time for at least one week or as recommended by the physician.

Pack size:

60 Capsules

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